Hi, I'm Tal Rolande


I’ve worked on small, family-run creative teams, in large multi-national corporations and at scaling technology startups. Through my experiences I’ve grown curious, knowledgable and versatile to help you reach your business goals.


If You Need

• Marketing for business leads, building email lists and growing social media

• Search engine optimized content that ranks for niche target audiences

• Clear, engaging copy that converts to clicks, sales and repeat business

Hire me as your freelance writer, editor or content marketing specialist!


• Business & Marketing
• Home Improvement
• Health & Wellness
• Fashion & Lifestyle
• Music & Culture
• Food & Nutrition

• Cannabis & Cultivation
• Science & Technology
• Psychology & Sociology
• Global & Canadian Politics
• History & Humanities
• Women’s Studies

Contact Tal Rolande

  • 1-647-469-0894
  • Toronto, Canada
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